KARI Aboriginal Procurement

The First Aid Code of Practice gives PCBU’s guidance on this Risk Assessment Process from a First Aid focused perspective (as do the various State Legislations).

It begins with a broad definition on what constitutes a High Risk Workplace (ie trades, construction, electrical), where there is a higher risk of serious injuries and illnesses, versus a Low Risk Workplace (ie libraries, offices), where the risk of a serious injury is much less.

The Number of Workers at a place of work, once the sole guiding factor for First Aid Kit sizing is now only one of many factors which PCBU’s need to consider in the First Aid Risk Assessment. Other factors might include (but are not limited to):

Location of the place of work

Response time for medical back-up

Number of buildings

Number of floors

The type of work being performed

The exposure of workers to a Hazard

Are there mobile places of work (eg. vehicles, on foot, remote areas), which must also be assessed?

How many first aiders are needed?

Is a First Aid Room required?